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The best time of your life to buy Rental Property

For years, investors have been buying and leasing real estate.

Investors made money by:

  • earning a net profit
  • enjoying a tax deduction for depreciation
  • selling for capital gains
  • increasing borrowing power

Over the years property values have fluctuated and stagnated with prices progressively rising to new highs.

Recently some properties have dropped to 40 years lows.

Year          Price           Gross Rent
1975          35,000      $  4,440
2010           35,000      $14,400

For example a duplex bought in 1975 for $30,000 that rented for $185 on each side for a total $370 a month, can conservatively rent for $600 on each side or $1,200, but you can buy it for $30 to $50 thousand.

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Therefore, buying properties right now can result in the highest net profit of our life times.  The depreciation deduction is the same, and it is hard to believe that properties sold for their highest value ever in 2008.  As properties work their way back to new highs we may have unprecedented opportunities for capital gains.  I would say its the best time of your life to buy Rental Property.


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